Vintage Recipes

Vintage Recipes: Cocoa Mint Cake

So kiddos, the vintage bake-a-thon continues this week as I try my hands at a “Cocoa-Mint” cake. As the recipe below shows, we can thank Pillsbury for the initial recipe.

The recipe (like last week) comes from the pages of my grandmother’s 1937 journal turned recipe book.

This is another Crisco based cake, starting with a mildly staggering 1/2 cup followed closely by the sugar. I made sure to beat a fair amount in between, resulting in the not-quite-so-appetizing mixture pictured below…

As the ingredients combine, baking this cake proves to be somewhat of a chore. Once the eggs are added, there’s a lot of mixing in-between adding the rest of the wet ingredients as well as the brunt of the dry.

Sooooo much sifting!!! This felt like arm day at the gym.

Now, would that cake behave in the same way just dumping in the flour and such?? I’m not sure. I’m not sure I’m gutsy enough to try at this point.

The last ingredient was an interesting one: coffee. The recipe calls for a good “strong” 1/2 cup of coffee. Now, could this be a structure thing?? My coffee came from a very traditional Starbucks k-cup, so this is neither vintage or accurate to the period. As a result, I really didn’t taste it. Do you want a coffee taste? I’m adding this to the list for a more period specific bake through.

Now, to get to the interesting part… the frosting. This was a new one. I followed the recipe above, using mint jelly with an egg white.

I will admit, I cheated on the recipe. I used the double boiler, but I didn’t have a “rotary” hand mixer as specified. So, my next thought was that whisking must be close. I mean, I used some good, old-fashioned elbow grease. Nope. Nope. Nope. I whisked the heck out of that frosting for double the specified time and couldn’t get a rise out of the egg white. In fact, it laid there like a mint flavored ball until I put it under my handy, dandy, oh-so-modern mixer. It was only then I could coax it into rising to resemble anything like a frosting.

The verdict on the cake, it ended up being a bit dry. However, the frosting had some stellar flavor (if not a bit overpowering). It is definitely one I’m going to jot down for use in the future, with different jellies… the thought of this with an Orange makes my mouth water.

Unfortunately, it was the strongest part of a generally lack luster cake.

Verdict: “Meh”.

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